I’m a woman with a long-time professional experience in automotive industry in development. I’ve been participating in developing of very interesting projects, besides other things developing of hydrogen systems and hybrid propulsions. I have very wide scope and know-how, I’d say. I’m not the only woman with specialization in automotive or other technical field. It’s not that much usual, but also not impossible. Technology isn’t exclusively men’s field. 

I’ll be glad for sharing your opinions. Yours too, ladies, this isn’t exclusively men’s subject. The other way around. I’m very interested in both women’s and men’s point of view, technicians or non-technicians. Here, we can run various debates about electromobility. I’m very looking forward to your lines.

What actually is electromobility? It’s a very hot topic. But how much do we actually know about it? How much is familiar to us and what’s a taboo in a sort of way? What do we actually imagine when someone says „electromobility“? What is it supposed to bring us? Is it better with respect to ecology? Or within energy saving? Or money saving? Or is it about better on-road performance? Let’s talk about it… Let’s discuss it… I like active communication. Type what do you think about it. Feel free to „speak up“ and answer the questions asked above… You have the unique opportunity to talk about this technical subject with a woman, so go ahead!