For what purposes you could need the guidance of a coach

  • Successful handling of a change or a challenge assigned by an employer
  • Clarification of priorities and focusing on the crucial
  • To determine the goal well, its easier and faster achievement
  • Getting rid of the worries coming with promotion
  • Dealing with overworking or bad dates handling
  • Increasing the working performance
  • Increasing one‘s motivation
  • Dealing with feelings of unfulfilling job
  • Dealing with worries of making a decisions and potential mistakes
  • Dealing with communication problems

Basic competence of a proffessional ICF coach

  • Follows the Code of Ethics
  • Embodies coaching mind-set
  • Sets and keeps agreements
  • Builds confidence and sense of security
  • Maintains the coaching position
  • Active listening
  • Awakens consciousness
  • Facilitates client‘s growth

Training in brief

In pursuance of coaching, I‘ll lead you to move where you need, to grow and develop in what you occupy yourself with and to do your job with joy and pleasure.

Coaching for managers

Are you overburdened? You don‘t have enough free time for your families? Do you need help with defining priorities, with increasing your employee‘s motivation or solving another problems?

Individual coaching

Coaching will be approached as an interaction between the client and me either at your company or by phone, alternatively at some other site arranged beforehand. Coaching takes usually 60 minutes; 90 minutes maximum.

Coaching for ordinary employees

Do you lack motivation? Do you want to move ahead? Are you afraid of promotion? Do you struggle with organizing your timetable, with communication, presenting or something else?


As a coach I claim allegiance to The International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. That means I‘m sworn to secrecy.