Communication with customer

  • How to consult problems/changes with your customer
    • Which problems to consult
    • When to consult the problems
    • How to consult the problems
  • Dealings
    • Agenda creation
      • What the agenda shouldn‘t lack
    • Reports creation
      • How the report should look like
      • What it shouldn‘t lack

Management of changes at car maker

  • When it is necessary to apply management of changes
  • Which changes come under the necessity of applying management of changes
  • What has to be part of a presentation
  • How the presentation should look like
  • For whom is the presentation destined
  • What we must pay attention to

Drawings in the automotive industry

  • What we must pay attention to
  • Types of drawings
    • Drawing of an single part
    • Drawing of a composition
    • Drawing of an explosion
  • What the drawings should contain

Measurement checking of materials/parts in automotive

  • What we must pay attention to
  • How the report should look like
  • What the report should contain

Work profile

  • How the work profile should look like
  • What it should contain

Training in brief

Within training/consulting, I‘ll be helping you to discover professional and communication imperfections and I‘ll advise what to be wary of and how to avoid the potential future imperfections. I‘ll give you a sense of car factory‘s working environment, explain the setting and functioning of some things.

Frequently made mistakes

On account of my long-time professional experience, I have a good knowledge of frequent mistakes made by majority of suppliers. I‘ll help you to find them and advise how to avoid them henceforth.

Training/consulting individually or in groups

Training/consulting will be held on your request either in smaller groups, or individually right at your company or in a form of tele-conference.

Training/consulting made to measure

Every supplier company is specific. Therefore it handles different products, settings, functioning etc. That‘s why every training/consulting is , as they say, made to measure.

Company secrets

This concept is nothing unfamiliar to me – the other way around. Everything we‘ll discuss and what you‘ll show to me will naturally stay between you, me and the gatepost. I‘ve always kept the company secrets.